The start of something amazing!

My girls and I at #Lowerfortgarry learning and celebrating my heritage
My girls and I at #Lowerfortgarry where they are learning and celebrating our heritage as descendants of the Metis people.
So, here I go! I’m taking this chance to share with you little bits about me and much wisdom I have gathered over the years about accepting and loving the fact that we are all Unique.

I’m not really sure when my mind realized that I was Unique, but I think I was a very young child.  In fact that’s kind of funny to say since I have very little vivid memories of my childhood.  Without photos to prompt me I’m grasping deep into my mind to bring up pictures of my grade school years.  I have a mind that continually moves, reading signs, watching people, thinking of things I would like to see, say or do and making plans to execute that. There is ALOT of chatter going on in my head – all of it in my own voice (don’t panic!) I never used to know how to cope with it, I felt very overwhelmed by my “to do’s” and was a little grumpy one would say!  Somehow by the grace of God I stumbled upon (or was led to you could say) the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer and listened to his calm yet strong and convincing voice on audio cassettes.  Oops, guess I’m dating myself a little here! Anyway, eventually I acquired some of his CD’s, then DVD’s, saw him on PBS specials, Oprah and more recently I listen via Podcasts and receive his email videos too. Heck I’ve even seen him live at an “I can do it” conference thanks to Louise Hay for Hay House Inc. an amazing organization dedicated to publishing self-help and inspirational writings.  Dr. Dyer in case you are not aware holds a doctorate in educational counseling and has dedicated his life to helping others as an internationallly renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. See or , to learn more about him or access his amazing resources.

So, where was I before my brain went off on that long tangent… Oh yes, I have somehow over the past 13 years found peace within this busy mind and truly embrace my life.  Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges and someday I’ll share those but the main point is that through the teachings in many of the books I’ve read or audios I’ve purchased from the not even complete list below I have grown into a person who on most days and especially nights sees the glass as half full you could say. I see the good in most everything, even if I’m the one suffering. Heck, it’s 2:39 AM and I’m up writing this thanks to the steroids I’m on for a post-op complication to an otherwise not so serious procedure I had done. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve needed steroids and I kind of forgot the side effects… No surprise!

Hey, I’m not complaining about the sleepless nights, I’m appreciating them! I’ve caught up on hundreds of emails that were backlogged, watched some Netflix and most of all had the time when my family sleeps to read, write and finally start this blog I’ve been wanting to do since I wrote and illustrated my children’s book “I am Unique” back in 2013.  Today I am grateful for the steroids that run through my blood and brain as my body heals, and for the words that roll out of my head and through my thumb tip that I may share with you now.

I think I’ve written long enough that my eyes feel ready to sleep.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I’m attending “The Way of the Happy Woman Summer Mini Retreat” put on by my dear friend Deb!

I then get to really great part of my day, where I have a chance to scrapbook into the evening and wee hours of the night with my two favorite girls in the world, miss Desiree and Angel.  I am grateful for the time I have had to heal physically and to share extra hours with my family!

Uniquely yours,


Nicole Kirouac RN BN

Here’s a short list of my current library at home; Dr  Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Carol Tuttle , Deepak Chopra, Cheryl Richardson, Iyanla Vanzant,   Vishen    Lakhiani of , Lisa Nichols, Nick and Jessica Ortner of , Bob Proctor, Barbara DeAngelis, Jack Canfield, Christianne Northrop of and so many more.



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